SS Towel Rack Suppliers in Gujarat

Point Industries is one of the most prosperous SS Towel Rack Suppliers in Gujarat, India. We are one of few organizations in India producing a wide section of Bathroom Accessories with a large variety of Patterns. We give a full variety of products of Bathroom Accessories like Micra, Nano, Icon, Planet-9, Creta, Aura, Duster, Penta, Brezza.

The towel rack gives us a stunning framework to move onto the presence of making things work for ourselves. On an amazingly fundamental level, buy any of these right ways and take a gander at a really obliging way. Each searing adult can have their covering towels correspondingly to keep your kid’s bathroom more planned.


  • Dimensionally precise
  • Amazing satisfaction
  • Gives an amazing look
  • The smooth course of action

No putting the wet towel on the floor on your family or mate there! Towel racks make a sensible blacktop for your having a spot. Towel Rack that is used in the washroom to hang towels and various articles of clothing. The offered towel rack is seen for its cleaning plan. Chrome Finish with Stainless Steel Material for long last Shine and Strength. Rust and Corrosion Proof.

We are an undeniable maker and exporter of a monstrous technique for Bathroom Accessories. With a wide experience of 25 years, we can give top-quality shower embellishments and things to you. Our things are noteworthy too as really enough that can continue to go for a generally enormous time span with no issue.

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