Stainless Steel Towel Rack Manufacturer in India

Point Industries is a recognized Stainless Steel Towel Rack Manufacturer in India. We are one of some companies in India creating an ample variety of Bathroom Accessories with an extensive variety of Patterns. We offer a whole assortment of products of Bathroom Accessories like Micra, Icon, Planet-9, Nano, Duster, Aura, Creta, Penta, and Brezza.

The towel rack gives us a specific improvement to progress forward to the presence of making things work, point of fact. On a heavenly trailblazer level, buy any of these right ways and check a truly obliging way out. Every adolescent can have their covering towels other than keeping their young adult’s washroom more coordinated. No putting the wet towel on the floor on your family or mate there! Towel racks work on a dull top for your having a spot.


  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Excellent finish
  • Gives an elegant look
  • Sleek design

We perceive how the washroom is maybe the focal spot in any house. This spot to a disheartening degree picks the assessment of the home or the overall structure and solace. We are a certain maker and exporter of a stunning mix of Washroom Embellishments. Unremitting and sharp, Point Towel Rack joins the totally bound bits of a moderate system. The improvement is proposed to move a consuming reaction with its verifiably certain, refined significance by disposing of unessential subtleties.

We are a certain maker and exporter of a central piece of Restroom Extras. With a wide encounter of 25 years, we can give top-quality shower beautification and things to you. Our things are hanging and pleasingly prepared to keep on going for a long time stretch perspective with no issue.

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