SS Paper Holder Supplier in India

Point Industries is a recognised SS Paper Holder Supplier in India. We are one of few associations in India presenting a vast part of Bathroom Accessories with a broad type of Designs. We give a wide variety of products of Bathroom Accessories like Micra, Icon, Aura, Nano, Planet-9, Creta, Duster, Penta, and Brezza.

The bathroom Paper Holder is made of treated steel material with a mirror, and a vital solid district for finish rustproof. This paper holder could truth at whatever point showed hold super size tissue rolls. This paper holder is strikingly easy to present and goes with all the stuffed screw ornamentations. The screws are covered, ideal for the washroom and kitchen. You can present wall-mounted tissue holders proportionately or in a vertical bearing as you like.


  • Moisture Proof
  • Long Last Shine and Strength
  • Corrosion Resistant

The main purpose of a bathroom paper holder is to keep tissue promptly open and coordinated in a bathroom. It is commonly introduced close to the latrine for comfort, and it very well may be mounted at various levels relying upon individual inclination. We are a reasonable producer and exporter of Bathroom Accessories. With a wide encounter of 25 years, we can give top-quality Bathroom Accessories and things to you. Our things are key too as truly enough that can keep on going for a general time frame outline frame stretch with no issue.

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