SS Double Soap Dish Supplier in India

Point Industries is a trustworthy SS Double Soap Dish Supplier in India. We are one of few companies in India offering a vast part of Bathroom Accessories with a wide type of Designs. We provide a vast variety of products of Bathroom Accessories like Planet-9, Nano, Aura, Icon, Micra, Duster, Penta, Creta, and Brezza.

A SS double soap dish is a bathroom accessory made to hold two bars of soap. It is for the most part made of tempered steel and is mounted on the wall or put on a ledge close to the sink or shower. The double soap dish is a helpful method for keeping both a normal soap bar and a speciality soap bar, like a facial soap or peeling soap, coordinated and effectively open. It is a well-known choice for families with numerous individuals sharing a bathroom, as every individual can have their own soap bar in a similar space without jumbling up the ledge or shower region.


  • Rust Free
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Anti Moisture
  • Long Last Shine and Strength

This SS Double Soap Dish can be coordinated in the kitchen, bathroom, and close to the sink/wash bowl region. It will besides make to help soap or a utensil to hold water. Our SS Double Soap Dishes are a lot of evaluated by our clients, for their sturdiness, stunning finishing, and functional use. With a colossal experience of 25 years, we can give top-quality bathroom Adornments and things to you.

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