SS Robe Hook Suppliers in Gujarat

Point Industries is one of the most recognized SS Robe Hook Suppliers in Gujarat, India. We are one of few companies in India offering a vast part of Bathroom Accessories with a broad type of Designs. We offer a vast variety of products of Bathroom Accessories like Micra, Creta, Planet-9, Duster, Nano, Icon, Penta, Aura, and Brezza.

The stainless steel robe catch is an area of strength for a cleaned washroom accessory for hanging towels and robes. SS robe hooks are coordinated thinking about reasonableness. Conveyed using extraordinary stainless steel, they offer strong regions for a solid changing reaction for your robes, towels, and different pieces of clothing. These hooks regularly harden a particular, turned arm that is considered clear hanging and outing of things. Their diminished size makes them reasonable for even little spaces, giving a reasonable and utilitarian limit frame.


  • No sharp edges
  • Durable
  • Corrosion resistant

Benefits of SS Robe Hooks:

  • Space-saving Solution: SS robe hooks are compact and require minimal space, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms of all sizes. They can be conveniently mounted on walls, doors, or even inside closets, allowing you to maximize your available space.
  • Durability and Longevity: Made using splendid stainless steel, these robe hooks have serious areas of strength for are. They are invulnerable to rust, use, and ordinary wear, guaranteeing they hold their usefulness and appearance into the endless future.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: SS robe hooks create modern appeal, blending well with diverse bathroom styles. Their smooth fulfilment adds a sprinkle of class, working on the general style of your washroom.
  • Versatility: These hooks are primarily for robes, yet you can comparatively utilize them to hang towels, pieces of clothing, belts, or different accessories. Their versatility licenses you to change their use pondering your specific essentials.

Various Usages of SS Robe Hooks:

  • Bathroom: The primary usage of SS robe hooks is in the bathroom. Install them near the shower or bathtub to hang your bathrobe, towel, or even a change of clothes. You can also mount multiple hooks at different heights to accommodate various family members.
  • Bedroom: In the bedroom, robe hooks serve as a handy place to hang your pyjamas or a robe for easy access in the morning or before bed.
  • Closet: Consolidate SS robe hooks in your storeroom to hang belts, scarves, or caps. They can likewise be utilized to hang packs or satchels, keeping them reachable and coordinated.
  • Entryway: Install robe hooks near your entryway for hanging coats, jackets, or umbrellas. This ensures a clutter-free entry and easy retrieval when heading out.
  • Laundry Room: Use SS robe hooks in your laundry room to hang freshly ironed clothes or delicate items that shouldn’t be folded.

SS robe hooks are flexible accessories that offer reasonableness, association, and comfort. Whether in the washroom, room, storeroom, or passage, these hooks offer an upscale reaction for hanging robes, towels, and different garments. Their solid stainless steel improvement guarantees a future, while their space-saving game plan revives your accessible space. Update your association and add a smidgen of cleanliness to your home with the supportive and adaptable SS robe hooks.

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