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Point Industries is one of the most selected SS Bathroom Accessories Suppliers and Manufacturers in Gujarat, India. We are one of few associations in India presenting a broad type of Bathroom Accessories with a broad variance of Patterns. We give a wide range of products of Bathroom Accessories like Creta, Aura, Icon, Planet-9, Nano, Duster, Micra, Penta, and Brezza.

Your bathroom is where you want to battle with the day or step in to wash away the kind of a working day. The right Bathroom Accessories make a washroom goliath and utilitarian correspondingly self-evident. We perceive how the bathroom is possible as a critical spot in any house. This spot to a stunning degree picks the check of the home or the general new development and comfort.

Our SS Bathroom Accessories are by and large talking around utilized in washrooms for passing on different required embellishments like cleaning showed a lot of taught subject matter experts, toothbrushes, towels, etc The right Bathroom Accessories style is a bathroom utilitarian and in a general sense in a like way never-ending. Pick from our blend of Bathroom Accessories that are carefully expected to obliterate senseless use.



Products, Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories


Products, Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories








Products, SS Bathroom Set, Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories


Products, SS Bathroom Set






  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Sleek design
  • Gives an elegant look
  • Excellent finish

Keep all your shower areas of strength for gear at arm’s compass with inside facilitators and washroom racks from our game plans. Our Bathroom Accessories offer a degree of gets and rails that are solid and solid and match washrooms that compass from fighting for shocking styles. Add a sprinkle of fulfillment to youngsters’ bathroom time with a dazzling shower tangle from the party.

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